Thursday, May 31, 2007

So what are we about here?

This is the second time I've attempted to blog, and hopefully, the charm. By way of introduction, I'm a 50-ish wife, mother and practicing attorney living outside of D.C. When I originally named this blog, I'd intended to include legal commentary, but I get enough of that at work. Moreover, I like to receive credit for my work, and I intend for this blog to remain somewhat anonymous in nature. So my comments will go to parenting a five-year-old, international adoption (source of the five-year-old), life in general, that ol' bugaboo "work-life balance" (ha!), popular culture, current events, politics and, very occasionally, legal topics. As for anonymity, if you know me already, you'll probably recognize me. If not, that's fine. Hopefully, I'll keep you entertained anyway.

Comments? I have them coming to me before posting to weed out junk comments or really nasty ones. If I can figure out how to control it, not every post will allow comments. If the issue is too hot and makes people too angry at me or each other, well, as one blogger I love has already said, "My blog is not a democracy."

There's a lot going on in my life this May 31. School is only a couple of weeks away from ending, then summer camp begins for the child to be known here as Pumpkin. Meanwhile, I'm trying to line up Chinese language and perhaps dance classes for her for the fall. The spouse, known here as DH, is going abroad for work for two weeks this summer. (Lucky him! While the country he'll be visiting is lovely, and wouldn't Pumpkin and I just love to go with him, the set-up for his project there is not conducive to visitors. Too bad!!) And me, I'm being evaluated for bariatric surgery in a couple of weeks. I'm a big girl. Have been for a long time. Tired of it all. No doubt I will track my progress here as well.

So I welcome you, dear reader.

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