Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Tiny Dancer

I thought you all would enjoy this clip. Madeline is learning one of the solo parts for the "Little Swallow Dance," which is a traditional Chinese children's dance. Her teacher, Miss Gina, is playing the mama bird -- a role that will be played by one of the older children in the dance company in the actual performance. Madeline is sort of the lead baby bird. They are dancing in Gina's basement studio.

Gina has been teaching Madeline's class at Hua Sha since January. She is new to this area, but taught Chinese dance in Hawaii for several years and coached a team of small girls to first place in an international competition. Like all of the adult members of Hua Sha, Gina does a lot more than teach dance. She has a Ph.D. in one of the hard sciences, too. They are an amazing group of women!

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Anne Hendrix said...

Absolutely precious!