Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Bariatrics, Part 6: To Fill or Not to Fill

As of today, I am seven weeks out. I had Kevin take this picture tonight because people have been asking to see a picture, and I'm an obliging sort (except when you're hitting your kids in my presence, see infra, then all bets are off). My little shadow, of course, wanted to be in the picture and I obliged her, too.

I've weighed as little as 260 here at home without clothes, though in the office and fully-dressed, I was a little heavier than that. I am barreling in on Kevin and will pass him by in a few weeks.

Today, I had my 6-week check-up with Pat, Dr. Schweitzer's nurse. Supposedly, I was to have a fill. The big-bore needle was waiting for me on the counter in the examining room, right along with my chart. But, I'm down by more than 2 pounds a week since my last appointment and I still have significant restriction. Sometimes I do well to get a half-cup of protein in at a meal and that'll hold me for almost 6 hours before I'm hungry again. For these reasons, Pat and I decided that I didn't need a fill today. She told me she's had bandsters go for 8 months without a fill because they have enough restriction from an empty band to keep dropping weight at a good clip. I may be one of those lucky souls.

Oh, and my blood pressure was 119 over 76. Soon enough, I'll be able to drop that med, too.

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Anonymous said...

wow. Last night I looked at this picture, and thought "something is really different!" Then I realized, you are showing your weight loss in your face really nicely! Well, that and the fact that you look quite happy :) ~sb