Wednesday, November 21, 2007

On being thankful

Taken from my post on ObesityHelp this morning (gratitude thread, Lap Band forum):

First, I am thankful to God, whom I know through His Son Jesus Christ.

I am thankful to be an American. This isn't a perfect place, but at least for me, it's pretty darned good. I think it's easier to succeed here than it is in most other places.

I am thankful to have grown up in a loving family, warts and all. I am thankful my sweet dad had 83 years here on Earth and that my mom survived breast cancer twice and is still with us at 81. I am thankful for 4 terrific siblings (and their spouses), a boatload of nieces and nephews, and now, great-nieces and nephews, too. I know so many people who hate one or more of their siblings. It's a mystery to me how people feel that way because I love of all mine and consider them friends.

I am thankful to have met and married my sweet Kevin, warts and all, and can't wait until I weigh less than he does. And darn it, that target keeps moving downward, despite the fact that he eats more than I do and drinks beer.

I am thankful for my daughter, Madeline. I cannot imagine loving any human being more. It's a privilege to be raising this child.

I am thankful for a veritable army of friends, both in the flesh and in cyberspace.

I am thankful for the chance to get a great education and for the generous people who made that possible for me by funding scholarships and seeing my potential. I am thankful to have done well enough that Kevin and I can provide a great education for Madeline.

I am thankful for a really good job. It's a job that uses my education, stretches my brain, teaches me new skills, pays pretty well, and gives me the flexibility to be a hands-on mom. I'm also thankful for really terrific managers and kind, mature colleagues.

I am thankful for having more than enough materially.... plenty to eat, a nice home to live in, a nice van to drive, a closet full of clothes, etc. While we are not our possessions and often take them for granted, or worse, feel entitled to them, life would be a lot tougher without them.

And last but not least, I am thankful for the band, as I'm over 30 pounds lighter than I was 6 weeks ago. I am thankful for the skilled hands and mind of Dr. Schweitzer and the entire crew at Hopkins Bariatrics and Bayview Medical Center. I'm even thankful that GEHA approved me on the first letter!

I'm sure there's more . . . .

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Anonymous said...

This is simply heartwarming and lovely to read. You are blessed.